​March 30th- MMMXC

March 31st- MMMXC


April 6th- Log Road

April 7th- Bulldogs MC 

April 7th- Log Road

April 14th- Portland Trail Riders MC

April 20th- Valley MX

April 21st- Valley MX  

April 27th- Twisted MX

April 27th- Red Bud

April 28th- Twisted MX

April 28th- Red Bud

April 28th- Battle Creek MC


May 5th- Bulldogs MC

May 5th- Cadillac MC 

May 11th- Portland Trail Riders MC

May 11th- Dutch Sport

May 12th- Portland Trail Riders MC

May 12th- Dutch Sport

May 18th- Big Air MX

May 18th- Red Bud

May 19th- Big Air MX

May 19th- Red Bud

May 19th- Polka Dots MC 

May 25th- Valley MX

May 25th- Log Road

May 26th- Valley MX

May 26th- Log Road

May 27th- Valley MX


June 1st- Grattan MX

June 2nd- Grattan MX

June 8th- Big Air MX 

June 9th- Big Air MX

June 9th- Portland Trailr riders MC

June 15th- Battle Creek MC

June 15th- Twisted MX

June 16th- Battle Creek MC Michigan State Championship Series 

June 16th- Twisted MX  

June 22nd- MMMXC

June 23rd- Cadillac MC

June 23rd- MMMXC 

June 29th- Grattan MX

June 30th- Grattan MX- Michigan State Championship Series


July 5th- Red Bud (Day Pro track 65cc and up)

July 5th- Red Bud (Night Track 50cc and up)

July 6th- Red Bud (Night track 50cc and up)

July 6th- Valley MX

July 7th- Red Bud (Day Full pro track 65cc and up)

July 7th- Valley MX

July 13th- Big Air MX

July 13th- Dutch Sport

July 14th- Big Air MX

July 14th- Dutch Sport  Michigan State Championship Series  

July 21st- Polka Dots MC Michigan State Championship Series

July 27th- Log Road
July 28th- Log Road


August 3rd- Dutch Sport

August 4th- Dutch Sport

August 10th- Big Air MX 

August 10th- MMMXC

August 11th- Big Air MX

August 11th- MMMXC

August 18th- Battle Creek MC 

August 24th- Grattan MX

August 25th- Grattan MX

August 25th- Cadillac MC Michigan State Championship Series 

August 31st- Valley MX


September 1st- Valley MX  

September 2nd- Valley MX

September 7th- MMMXC

September 7th- Red Bud

September 8th- MMMXC

September 8th- Red Bud Michigan State Championship Series

September 14th- Portland Trail Riders MC

September 14th- Dutch Sport   

September 15th- Portland Trail Riders MC- Michigan State Championship Series

September 15th- Dutch Sport     

September 21st- Big Air MX

September 21st- Twisted MX

September 22nd-Big Air MX-Michigan State Championship Series 

September 22nd- Twisted MX 

September 28th- Log Road

September 29th- Log Road

September 29th- Polka Dots MC


October 5th- Dutch Sport

October 6th- Dutch Sport

October 6th- Bulldogs MC Michigan State Championship Series 

October 12th- MMMXC

October 12th- Log Road

October 13th- MMMXC

October 13th- Log Road  Michigan State Championship Series 

October 19th- Twisted MX

October 20th- Twisted MX Michigan State Championship Series

October 26th- Valley MX

October 27th- Valley MX  Michigan State Championship Series 

2019 D14 Motocross Race Schedule